Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm new to blogging... so i thought i would just post one or two of my already created vignettes, poetry, etc. the following was written last summer. (i will post new stuff as inspiration hits me!)

In Praise of the Goddess

Tonight is full moon. This will be the “Moon of the Forest Dance.”

Reflecting on this event, it occurs to me that my life, today, is a forest dance. You see... I have no curtains on the windows in my home. Because no matter which one I choose to gaze out of.. the view is of trees, or the hills in the distance. From my kitchen table, I can watch the sun rise or the hummingbirds feed or the red tailed hawks hunting. The altar room inside my home has a triangular window through which, by happy coincidence, the winter full moon can be seen clearly. The window nearest me as I type this looks out upon the large, round and sacred spaces my daughter and I have carved out for ourselves in the yard. My circle includes a pine tree, an oak tree and a great, granite boulder which serves as a perfect altar. The property surrounding our house is home to a great horned owl, a nesting pair of red tailed hawks, a pileated woodpecker, what seem like hundreds of hummingbirds (perhaps because they move so fast, they seem to be in more than one place at one time!) , coyotes, squirrels, chipmunks, possum, deer, bears, foxes, porcupines, snakes, the occasional red eft or elder newt in the stream, and countless others.

It sounds like I'm bragging... but they were here first, the trees, hills, moon, boulder, critters. These are gifts given freely by the Mother Goddess, by our wonderful earth. According to some legal document, somewhere, I own this property... but I know the truth. I have temporary stewardship over this land, and a responsibility to treat it with respect, and love and care.

All this abundance has come to me, it seems, in spite of my shortcomings. Even though I go through my days, sometimes, without noticing the beautiful shape of the oak leaves or the sound of the hummingbirds as they buzz past me. Still… the Mother gives her gifts freely. And what better way to celebrate, appreciate and praise, than to dance in the very forest that holds all these gifts. Tonight, I shall be spiraling through the trees, twirling, rejoicing and giving thanks for all these Bright Blessings.


  1. A lovely way to celebrate Earth Day this month. Thank you for sharing.


  2. What a beautiful picture you paint! Hope you can join the gathering at Nina's for Mushroom Madness.