Sunday, April 12, 2009

Snapshots of Spring

Awaken today, to the cheerful sounds
Birds’ chirp and whistle, “Joy Abounds!”

Through the doorway, an upturned face
Captures the warmth of the sun’s rays;

Earth’s fragrances arise again;
Promising colors that fill the glen;

The Pond’s rock has a green sundial;
Emerged from his shell to warm awhile;

Last melting crystals of snow;
Making way for the crocus to grow;

At water’s edge the peepers sing;
Their pipings herald the arrival of spring!

---- by: Renee D'Amoiselle (newbie crafty lady)
Thanks to Vicki for creating the blog! Words are my best medium!


  1. It was lovely meeting you at your first ArTy TeA ParTy with us. Looking forward to seeing you at the next one! HAPPY SPRING!

  2. P.S. And the winner of the Bonus ATC at the next ArTy Tea PaRty is Renee...and the quote of the day is dedicated to her for sharing her poetry with us!!!