Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Days like this past Tuesday make me feel warm and fuzzy. I had a lot of fun doing the bentwood with everyone. Thank goodness the rain let up a little. Good company, good food and good times. Thank you to everyone who brought tea, and food and more tea, and OMG yummy guacamole, and egg pie(of course it's quiche) & cookies. Now that I am finally getting my hands dirty with this bentwood stuff, I can't wait to do more. I am thinking big here (I'll need to enlist Joe and his chainsaw again, hehehe). I really will try to post pictures soon (Vicki HELP!?)

Thank you, Nina for the hand bee balms (is that what they are called?). She brought samples for everyone. They really do soothe your hands after bending wire and working with wood. I forgot to hand them out to the early departing women, so I will bring them to the next tea. Everyone deserves a sample of your awesome new product. I'm happy that most of you left here with a completed bentwood project. I hope if you got to take supplies home, that you are creating something wonderful.

I have put the cathedral inspired trellis (which was intended to be a gate & had a mind of it's own) in my back yard above the patio up on the high side of my rock garden. Soon the yellow coreopsis and the blue "New Salvia" will be in bloom below it. I can't wait for the color explosion. The morning glory that I started from seed is blue and white and will hopefully grow up the trellis. They are so tiny and only now just poking through the soil. I love Spring! Can't wait to gather at Nina's. (No pressure) Your friend, Andrea :)


  1. Well your garden will certainly enhance the beauty of your trellises. I am very happy that you have finally gotten into a long awaited garden addition. Can't wait to see it in all its splendor.

  2. So sorry I missed this gathering of the Willow Whackers. Alas, I was still on Ocracoke for a much needed break. What troopers you all are to make bentwood in the rain! See you all at Nina's for Mushroom Madness.