Friday, May 15, 2009

Willow Whacking Women Unite

Oh Yes it was another fun, productive Arty tea pArtY! Too much fun. Our many Thanks to Andrea and Mr. Joe for hosting this month's tea at their incredible home and gardens. Nina was completely right, it is definately something out of a magazine.
Andrea taught us how to make incredible trellises and fairy chairs with the pussy willow that she and her husband harvested just for this party. We women did not let the spring showers stop us, (only one of us melted). It was a truly great and inspiring day where we bonded and built and inspired each other then way we always do. I LOVE our teas! I soared all night and this time I
actually got to make something! Hooray!!! I will post mine after I put it in the ground...but for a teaser ;)... here's a picture of Miss Vicki's awesome creation. Love it!

Coming Next Month is...
Nina's Naughty Mushrooms
It should be an exciting summer with all these lovely ornaments popping up in our garden's.
Ladies please add on to this post especially with your picture's!


  1. What a wonderful time! Thank you Andrea and Joe. Now if I can actually get something to grow on my trellis, it will be a miracle! Andrea has a true gift with the Bentwood. I'm glad she is realizing her true passion!

  2. OK, somebody PLEEEAAASE post another picture of their GREAT trellis. This picture just makes me laugh!