Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pine Bush Art Tour

While I do not have any photos to display, the Arty Tea Party was out in full force at the 2nd Art Tour in Pine Bush. With our new banner on display, created just for us by Michelle Filer of Crans Mill Studio, along with her beautiful miniature paintings, we gathered together between RJ Smith and the Clever Caterpillar to share a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Nina of Happy Herbs Soap @ Two Crows Cottage displayed her "Conjured Clay" incense burners and Soap Dishes to go with her all natural Magickal Botanikals Ritual Incense, and her lovely Hand Painted Soaps. She also had her very special Pulse Point roll-on scented oils. (If you haven't tried the Amber scents...get to it...fascinating, as in intrigue, is my description:)

Denise Aumick of Wild Thread Studio proudly hung her one of a kind Fiber Art ATC's and Postcards while working on yet another miniature layered quilt. We were also treated to all of the fabulous magazine spreads that she has been chosen for to present her great art form to the world. Glad you could join us!

Renee presented her very unique Scrying Mirrors with crystals and gems, and charmed us with her "chimes". I believe the vibes from that are still traveling to some far-off land of enchantment inviting everyone who happens to hear it to smile right along with her at an exact moment in time. She had a very cool place set up under the big tree for Tarot Readings, too.

Alicia had our space dazzling bright with all her beautiful jewels that captured every bit of the bright sun we had for the day. Sparkle and bling is always good! She still has "punk" available, too, for those pesky bugs.

And Sweet Rosebud, Sandy Scarano, filled the door to our welcoming mat with her lovely barnwood paintings. Her table full of those very pretty Victorian Creations was a great addition to the Tea Party Fun. And she had much less to pack up at the end of the day! Hooray for Sandy!

As for me, I was pleased to display a couple of my ATC's and Altered Books for the day!


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  1. I'm so proud of all you ladies. See you all at Nina's in September