Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Everything Victorian with Sandy (Rosebud)

The November Arty Tea Party was something else...out of this world! WOW! Took us all away from the everyday norm, to a fantasy world. A work of art encompassing your entire being as you enter. So much to see at Sandy's humble abode. A textured treasure of a home that you must touch the walls as you walk through. The paintings make you want to just keep walking into the field, or the forest, or climb up the castle wall and let down your hair...eat the peaches right out of the picture frame. The birdy nest coming out of the wall in the "Love Nest" gave us all something to talk about. (Enough said about that...)

The food was fab and abundant; the company was grand; and the ornament painting lesson was hysterical! Mine is still hanging on the hook in the back seat of "Putt Putt". Thank you, Sandy for a wonderful day...thanks to Maureen for the "unusual" gourds...don't forget to clean them up if you want to decorate them at the next Arty Tea Party...to Michelle for sharing her ornaments...to Alicia for the gi-normous bag of neverending ribbons/fibers...and to Nina for the Amber Soaps to paint on.

Hope you all had as fine a time as I did!
See you all very soon!

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