Sunday, January 3, 2010

Valentines Tea Party Celebration

Yes, Ladies it has been almost a whole year since our first Arty Tea Party event! Thanks to Michelle at her fabulous Crans Mill Studio, we will re-convene at her mountainview abode to celebrate this event in our usual, "Crafty, Handmade" style. We will kick off this New Year with our Valentine Theme. Bring what you will to the supply stash for all to share. Ribbons, lace, papers, sparkles, glitters, cards, glues, paints, etc. If you have a box you want to decorate for the collection of your special Valentine's, bring it on...and if you have a spare to share...bring it, as well!

If you have a particular Valentine craft that doesn't require additional supplies, come prepared to share! in store!

Food and drink is part of the party, so feel free to contribute your faves so that we may all indulge in the style to which we have become accustomed!

And, if you want to trade an Artist Trading Card, (ATC) bring one already made in a sealed envelope. YOU CAN'T TRADE UNLESS YOU BRING ONE! No more of, "I forgot mine, but I'll bring it next time". You snooze, you lose!

ATC theme is once again...CHOCOLATE!!!

DATE: Thursday, January 14, 2010

TIME: 10:30ish

PLACE: Crans Mill Studio (email for directions, if needed)


Must try Nina's, and now my new favorite drink..."Sicilian Kiss"

affectionately submitted by:
Vicki who is "outofhand"

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