Thursday, February 25, 2010

#10 Envelope Mailing

Hello Talented Chics of the Arty Tea Party...

I've been wanting to do this for a very long time. Easy to do...just take a #10 size envelope, the long letter size, decorate it, seal it closed, nothing inside to mail...the envelope is the treasure!

Remember, it must go through the mail, so no 3-D doo-dads and trinkets that we love so much. You can use markers, papers, paints, chalks, stickers, pastels, pencils, pens...just make it your own work of art. Put a stamp on it, and address it to anyone in the Tea Party mailings...(you will have to get USPS address from them direct, as we don't want to post addressess here). Anyone, who gets one, has to return one!

COME ON LADIES...FIGHT CABIN FEVER...CREATE AN ENVELOPE TODAY! I AM...and if you want one from me, you must send me know how to find me:)

Vicki, who is once again, outofhand...


  1. you're on chicky poo! BTW mine wont exactly be that size is that okay?

  2. Sound like a good challenge. I'm in. Elizabeth Cappello

  3. OK, let's do this thing! AND...I guess any size envelope is fine! My first one is recycled from all the bills that keep coming with those envelopes looking for checks in reply...hee hee... must contact MHFILER for her address to send to her...and the next commentator will contact you to send to you, etc...

  4. So, Ummm, Elizabeth, I guess that is me...Send me your addie through my blog, and an envie will be on its way to you...Glad you can join us!

    Uh, next commentator must send to me. So, get on it!