Monday, March 1, 2010

Envie Swap # 1

The 1st Envie Swap of the ArTy TeA PArtY is underway, and there seems to be a lot of excitement about it! And the look on the postal workers faces, aka"Nina's Comrades", when having them hand cancelled, is truly joyful to witness because it no doubt is interesting mail to say the least...(and you may use any size envelope you wish:)
This is a copy of my 3rd one, have one more to do...hope my recipients will be pleasantly surprised! Enjoy!
fondly submitted by: Vicki, outofhand


  1. It is best to go to the post office and have them hand cancel your envie. If it has any sort of texture to it, it may be torn when it goes through "la machine". I had all of mine hand cancelled at the problem. Hope they arrive to my recipients in one piece. Please let me know. Thank you Michelle for your "gem". I received it today. IT'S SO FUN TO GET THIS KIND OF MAIL...

  2. I should have had it hand cancelled too, didn't know there was such a thing next time. Loving this project!