Monday, June 21, 2010


Hey everyone...check out our Nina, Happy Herbs Soap on the ETSY BATH AND BEAUTY SHOWCASE!!! Go Nina! Love it, you and your fab soaps and incense! I am using my new pulse point as I write this!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Bentwood Creations at Andrea's

The Arty Tea Party at Andrea's was a blast! The Bentwood Creations were fabulous and what a nice variety! Here is a sample of the talent of the day...

Fun, friends, lots of great food!

Thank you to Andrea for hosting such a wonderful Arty Tea Party!

Miss Picklez with her Gourdhead Garden Goddess!
Posted by Vicki, Photos by Judie:)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Bentwood Creations

ArTy TeA PaRTy ladies...if you haven't received Alicia's email about the next tea party... IT IS ANDREA'S FABULOUS BENTWOOD CREATIONS:) yay...

THURSDAY, JUNE 10th, 10:30ish... (email Andrea for directions)

Remember to bring gloves, your own hand clippers, twine is good, wire always handy...and any dried items you may want to incorporate into your design. Happy to say that I made another one after seeing Nina's large flower in her garden. It is willow with grapevine, and it survived the MAD BAD COLD WINTER!

Also, the ATC swap is "FARM". And the one in my head is "awesome". (I promise to get on it.) My problem is, I always give them to Andrea first if I see her around the neighborhood! (She is a great BFF).

Remember the goodies and "drinks" to share!
affectionately posted by VICKI/HULA-LA
outofhand today with all the little darlings...

P.S. check out a way cool blog...Lynda at butterflydream27