Saturday, January 29, 2011

ArTy TeA PaRty CeLebRAteS 2 YEARS...WOW!

Lovely ladies of the ArTy TeA PaRty GuIld...Can you believe it has been 2 years since we became this fabulous group of talented chics??? Thanks to Nina of Happy Herbs Soap at Two Crow Cottage for bringing us all together that fine day in her cozy little space to plan the very 1st creative gathering for Valentine's Day at Crans Mill Studio owned by Michelle. Here are some pictures of our 1st ArTy TeA PaRty...

In honor of our Valentine's Day celebration, (actual date to be announced because of all the snow) we will be exchanging Valentine's. It may be the traditional ATC, Tag Art, Envie...whatever your big creative heart desires! You must bring one to get one, however! So get on it ladies! And sip a cup of hot tea to toast as you work!

Affectionately posted by Vicki, who we all know is outofhand...

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