Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pine Bush Art Tour

photo by Sharon MacGregor

Here are a few members of the ARTY TEA PARTY GUILD
who participated in the PINE BUSH ART TOUR on May 26.
Alicia and Nina
Judie and Sandy (Rosebud)
not pictured, is Kitty who was probably out and about shopping...
Vicki who was busy running in between the B & B and the library next door!

They were set up under 2 beautiful tents outside the very
festive PINE BUSH HOUSE BED AND BREAKFAST taking turns going
through all the treasures, (and I do mean treasures) that Barbara and Mark 
had put out for sale that day.  I even bought 2 lamps, one a very beautiful 
crystal chandelier, a great chair, and yes even the proverbial kitchen sink...
a very big, deep Kohler pedestal sink for the bathroom that I plan to renovate, 
also to include the claw foot tub, that has been in storage awaiting its new home.
If you could only see where "storage" is. 
 Hint: did you ever see the TV commercial with a couple bathing outdoors in the wilderness?

Nina was funny as she quickly grabbed 4 matching , quite large flower pots and stuffed them in her vehicle.  Now wondering, "How am I going to get all my stuff home that is beautifully displayed under these great tents, on top of big tables with folding chairs?"
Somehow, we managed to stuff it all in there, using these giant pots as storage.
Talk about "GYPSIES"...

It was a beautiful,  EXTREMELY HOT day in the neighborhood!
And as usual, a good time was had by all!

Thanks to Sharon MacGregor of the Wallkill Valley Times for the great photo.
You can visit her at

And don't forget to visit Nina at the Rosendale Farmer's Market 2nd Sunday of each month
and at Goshen Farmer's Market June 22, and the last Friday of  each month thereafter.

submitted by: Vicki, who is completely outofhand today...(so what else is new?)

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