Thursday, September 20, 2012

Little World's Fair

Thanks to Nina of Happy Herbs Soap, the Arty Tea Party Guild enjoyed a wonderful 3-day event up in the beautiful area that is Grahamsville, NY.  The air is crisp and clean up there past the reservoir, and there is no cell phone service!  It's the best!  

There is always plenty to do and see up in Grahamsville.  Nina works especially hard for all 3 of the days of the fair, and we of the Arty Tea Party Guild are grateful to her for 
including us in her wonderful adventures.  

Vicki...outofhand, as usual!

This was last weekend for the 2-day Tractor Festival, same location in Grahamsville.
The tractor parade is so fun, and I chose this one as my fave...nice and shiny and RED!
I also snagged some cedar treasures that were cut right there...cedar shake, cedar logs...
I put them in all my closets, and even keep one under the seat in my van! 
And oh, the loads of  good junk to peruse...inspirational tools, you know!
Good people up in Grahamsville...

Next event there is THE GIANT PUMPKIN PARTY...

I did say GIANT PUMPKIN...did I not???

This was from last year's come out on Oct. 6! GREAT FAMILY FUN!

affectionately posted by: Vicki...outofhand...always...just ask my husband:)

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