Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cardinal Stockings

Check out these wonderful handmade stockings from Andrea of the Arty Tea Party Guild!  One of these lovelies is currently on its way to the Pacific Ocean full of holiday treats for a special someone who has never even seen snow!!!  These stockings are so very soft to the touch with intricate details. If you are interested in having one of these before they are gone, just let her know...Andrea's Cardinal Stockings.   You can even fill it up with some of Nina's Woodland Spell incense and  Lavender/Patchouli soap, both of my personal favorites of  Happy Herbs Soap @ Two Crow Cottage.

Woodland Spell Incense Crows

This was an old wool sweater vest that had a small hole and just didn't fit anymore once it went through the wash.  Andrea transformed it into this awesome clutch with more intricate details and lining.  A one of a kind purse, for sure.  You can also fill it up with more of the amazing smells from Happy Herbs Soap @ Two Crow Cottage. If you don't see it on her Etsy page, just contact her direct for one of her fabulous pulse point roll-ons...again, the Patchouli is my fave!!!  Blend it with her Lavender pulse point, and you will be AB FAB...ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!


  1. i love the cardinal stocking! i never will throw away an old sweater or anything made from wool again, i love the little clutch! aloha, angi in hana

  2. OMG! i had to comment again as i just realized our blogs are with the same background! i love this color too! aloha angi in hana