Friday, December 28, 2012

Rosebud Sandy's Work

The fluff of Rosebud Sandy Scarano
This is just some of the beautiful work by one of the Arty Tea Party members.  Now, Sandy can jazz up any little, or big thing she gets her hands on. Cabinets, dressers, you name it!  Even a ratty old piece of discarded barn wood!  She is the "cat's meow"... just don't get her started on "bureaucracy"...
Check this baby out...

I laugh every time she tells me she has another order for a custom trash can...ya gotta love anyone who wants to jazz up their trash can with Sandy's bling...

I wish I had a picture to post of the lovely hand painted jar that she gifted me for Christmas.  It was soooo very special.  I will take one later and get it up with the next post.  Until then, please visit our Dear Rosebud on her Facebook page...Rosebud Sandy Scarano

It will definitely put a smile on your face!  HAVE A GREAT DAY!

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  1. more beautifil art/crafts! you guys are so good! aloha, angi in hana