Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rolling Art

Blank canvas
I recently stumbled upon this great idea to display miniature works of art.  And since we are a group of talented chics who meet regularly to exchange, create, eat, yes, drink and be merry, I thought this project was right up our alley!

The layers begin...paints, papers...rubber stamps...oh, the teapot is whistling...
be right back!   (teatime is drying time)

I will complete these first 3 cards in steps...adding images, writings...who knows what will transpire as I get's Springtime and I am in no hurry!

And later today, I will hand out rolodex cards to my ARTY TEA PARTY FRIENDS to create...
Here's a link to some CRAZY GUYS where I found this project...More CRAZY GUYS

Stop by to visit...BIRDS AND BEES and BABY BACKHOE

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