Friday, January 10, 2014

Lace, Lace, and More Lace

Lucy hard at work...layering her vintage pieces.

I have never seen so much lace in all my life.  First, you have to know that in Rosebud "Sandar's" home, the walls, the lamps, the curtains, even the little laundry room/guest bathroom is covered in lace.  A true Victorian home with so much to see and "copy" by way of inspiration.

Victoria was on a mission for her wreath.  It is beautiful and will be perfect for Valentine's Day!  It was nice to see so many different takes and ideas on "Straw Wreath Workshop".  Yes, tons of lace!!!  I had a hard time with mine because there were so many vintage crochet doilies and tablecloths, that were torn and tattered that were being further ripped and torn and used to make these lovely creations, that I had a hard time choosing.  When Sand'ar' (joke) pulled out a crochet doily ready to cut into, I grabbed it and stuck it on mine whole, just because I couldn't bear to see her cut into it. (no photo of mine, as it is not finished).

Now Andrea had it in her to cover her whole straw wreath in burlap before layering her black lace and ribbons on.  She was set on a Halloween theme for hers and as always, her talents are ramped up and she delivers, glue gun in hand, while everyone else used out!

Kay is thinking Spring...(we all are here with more snow on the ground this morning) and she set out to make 4 matching wreaths for her home, though the birds for her nests seemed to have flown off, because she searched and searched for them and could not find them.

Lucy's final take before parting.  Nicely done!
Thank you SANDAR Rosebud for hosting such a wonderful Arty Tea Party at your lovely home.  The food was outstanding, starting with Nick's Pork/Kale soup with rice noodles..delish!  And what would a Thursday tea party be without Nina and Bob's roast beef!  Lot's of fingerfoods, and way too much dessert.  But, hey that's what we do best...EAT, DRINK AND BE EVER SO MERRY!  

Aloha for now...affectionately posted by Vicki...hula~la...

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  1. All of the wreaths are beautiful. My favorite is Lucy's lacy wreath.