Saturday, February 15, 2014

Keep the kettle on...

1.  Seems crazy to think that we were under this very gazebo not too long ago painting in the sunshine with the floral scents Two Crow Cottage gardens surrounding us!

2.  With all the snow we have here in New York, it may be awhile before we can venture out for another Arty Tea Party.  But the kettle is always on, and we are gearing up for the busy spring and summer events when we take our Arty Tea Party on the road.

3.  During these snowstorms, Nina is busy shifting around her soap room and re-vamping the clay studio in the loft.  I am currently burning her  "Winterspell" incense as I write this for the group of talented chics.  

4.  Andrea is nursing a fall from snow skiing out with her little darlings.  No doubt, she is crocheting something gorgeous with her leg up, sipping a nice apricot brandy, I hope!  Cheers My Friend!

5.  We had a lovely time at the Valentine's Day Boutique sponsored by the local library where Nina always finds books to read, and I always find books to alter.  We have such a great time when we all go out together and put up our wares!  Yes, what fun, indeed with Victoria, Kitty, Judie, Nina and moi, hula~la Vicki.

I'm linking up for Random 5 Friday...on Saturday.  Hope you will stop by to visit Nancy and the gang at A Rural Journal.

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  1. Thanks so much for joining in R5F this week -- sounds like you girls are looking forward to spring! Have a lovely Sunday.