Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Meet Kitty's New Creation

Meet Miss Marrissa Rose and pet bird, Little Blue off to the village for fresh worms.
Funny how our Kitty, one of the gals from the Arty Tea Party creates a cat for her latest ADQ challenge.  Kitty has many talents and we are grateful to have her as part of our guild, and to have her share her techniques and talents with us!  You can find her among many pages of ADQ. 

She's a beauty...and just in time for Spring...(um, are we actually going to have Spring here?  It sure doesn't feel like it with the mountains of snow still all around very slow to melt in these teen temps still.)  And Miss Marrissa Rose is dressed to the nines...right up Miss Rosebud Sandar's alley!  ha ha 

Keep up the good work Kitty! 

Stay tuned for more from the Arty Tea Party Guild as we break out for the Spring and Summer Fairs/Festivals. 


  1. "Kitty" you never cease to amaze me. What a fantastic job. She is just beautiful.

    1. well, well...Judie is here! Hooray! I knew you could do it, Girl! Send me some pics of you are up to. See you soon! Aloha

  2. I love her! She's adorable

  3. She is absolutely precious! Love the lace detail too :) Happy Monday!