Friday, June 27, 2014

Watercolor Batik

Come into the garden...
The lovely gardens of Happy Herbs Soap at Two Crow Cottage provided the perfect back drop
for the gals of the Arty Tea Party to have a Watercolor Batik class on Unryu paper.
 Sweet Rosebud Sandy provided the instruction with the papers all prepped with a flower image.
First layer of watercolor and now the wax.

After your first layer of watercolor, you take the melted soy wax and brush it around on the places where you want your next watercolor layer to resist. 
Add more layers of watercolor...dry...more wax flicks if you want...more watercolor...dry...and the ending step in the process is to iron off the wax between newsprint or other (non-colored) paper. 
The end result is quite lovely.  And each is so unique.
Drying time is the time for brunch and garden walks.
Nina is known for her love of lavender.
Here is a purple trinity garden with 3 different types of lavender.
I like to lay my pillowcases here to dry.
There is so much to see here and we haven't even made it back to the pond yet.
Looks like a great grape year...I'm thinking fall wine making...

Thanks to Nina for hosting such a wonderful event at her garden estate.  And many thanks to Rosebud Sand'ar' for providing all the supplies and instruction.  It was a happy day all around!

Hope you'll pop over to see my Watercolor Batik Project and the Pay It Forward Art Making Project I have just signed on to!  Aloha


  1. What a wonderful event!
    So much Natural beauty to inspire the creativity that made manifest.
    Thank you for sharing the experience with us!

  2. Those are pretty. I would love to learn to do that, especially with a group of friends in a lovely garden. Did you take pictures of the pond?