Monday, November 3, 2014

November Tea Time

It's been a crazy summer, and October flew by in a flash, just as the birds prepare for the winter along with the squirrels and chipmunks.  But the Talented Chics of the Arty Tea Party Guild are gearing up for a few more events for the holiday season.  The neverending Art Journal Swap/Hop will definitely come to an end with the end of 2014.  Whoever is not finished by Dec. 31, is just not getting their book back!!!  JUST KIDDING!

Now here are some island teas that I will be sharing at our next gathering this week.  Perfect since I just returned from Waikiki to enjoy the gorgeous colors of Autumn with all the beauty and bounty that comes with it.   And the island smells come alive with these teas...only one missing here is
Passionfruit Na Pali...I enjoyed those first.  Yummy!  But you can find them here Hawaiian Tea.
Stay tuned for the final look at the Neverending Art Journal Swap/Hop by the Talented Chics of the Arty Tea Party Guild. 

Sailing on the Connecticut River