Friday, June 12, 2015

To Dye For...

The latest gathering of the Arty Tea Party gals, was held in the lovely gardens at Two Crow Cottage hosted by Sweet Nina of Happy Herbs Soap.   Under the direction of Rosebud Sandy, we hand dyed, (and I do mean HAND DYED, I could've joined the Blue Man Group after this one), fabric items.
Some tee shirts, scarves, and I even had some vintage linen napkins that I threw in there.

Sandy's lovely scarf!
I'm gonna turn this into a prayer flag.
Wouldn't be a garden party without Plum and friend, Judie!
I can't wait until the next Arty Tea Party so everyone can wear their dyed tees. We individually dyed each item in ziploc baggies, after we soaked them in a bath of water with soda ash.  Then using bottles of 3 different colors, we just squirted the dye right into the baggie onto the fabric and smoosh, smoosh, smoosh it all around.  Let it set for 24 hours, rinse and dry.  I'm sure the photo of all of us in our tees will be a hippie dippie moment for sure!  Talk about throw back...

Thanks to Nina for hosting a terrific tea party...though, I don't recall anyone actually drinking any tea.
hee hee...lots of wonderful food and AB FAB company.  Walking the gardens at Two Crow Cottage with Nina's specially dipped incense sticks to keep the flying buggies at bay, is one of my favorite pasttimes. 

Once again, to our Dear Rosebud Sand'ar', you rock, Sista!!!

Next gathering is at Kitty's, where we will have a stamped tissue paper exchange.  Can't wait!

Aloha from Vicki, who is totally outofhand trying my best to learn watercolor painting.  YIKES!
Lots of be used in other paper projects.  But I'm determined! 

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