Monday, February 29, 2016

You've Got Mail...Art!

The dying art of sending snail mail via the good old USPS, is alive and well with my group of gal pals, known as the Talented Chics of the Arty Tea Party Guild.

Recently, when one of our friends was in a funk due to some medical issues, we got onboard to send her decked out some of the envies actually contain a note, a letter or some type of message, but not always.  In fact, most times, we just send each other an empty envie that is dressed to the nines....and yes that means decked out!  And if you are the lucky recipient of one, then you must, absolutely must reciprocate and send one back.
From a past LYA POSTCARD SWAP...
Postal workers love when we send MAIL ART!

This one with Alaska stamp, went to Honolulu!
Showing just the back of envie (didn't want to post anybody's personal addies)

OK, so get out those art supplies, and decorate an envie, and send it out as a surprise!

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