Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Date Night in NYC

While the Talented Chics of the Arty Tea Party Guild are preparing for a how to make your own washi tape gathering, I stepped out with the hubby for a fantastic concert in NYC.

Pink Floyd was my very first concert ever when Dark Side of the Moon came out back in the 70's.  Now I was not really old enough to go to a big concert, but my older sister told me that she was not allowed to go unless she dragged my sorry butt along.  Love her!!! I had no idea what to expect, and boy was it out of this world!  I will never forget that one!

And last night David Gilmour, the voice of Pink Floyd, still sounds the same at 70 years old!  With a great set that included some of those PF hits, Money, Us and Them, Time, Breathe...along with songs from his new Rattle That Lock album, the show did not disappoint.  As usual, a great light show, too! Comfortably Numb, the whole way home!

Madison Square Garden was sold out for this one...2 nights in a row!  This, after they did a gig just down the street at Radio City Music Hall... And these folks came from Maryland to play in the traffic on the streets of NYC to join in the fun!  And from the way the Mrs. in the passenger seat was waving her hands all around, she wasn't having any fun yet!   Pink Floyd fans, all the way!

Aloha Friends...thanks for stopping by.  Will post the Washi Tape fun upon completion!

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