Monday, February 20, 2017

Stained Glass Horsehead by Judie

For starters, Judie makes 2 copies of the pattern, 1 pattern is cut into pieces to cut the glass.
She has a wide variety of gorgeous glass to choose from for all of her designs.  And this horsehead will be mighty proud strutting around outside of the barn.

Once all of the pieces of glass have been cut out, it is time for the copper tape.
All copper taped, and ready for flux and solder! 
All ready to shine!!!
Saddle up!!!

Nicely done, Judie!  Thank you for sharing your project.

Here's abit more of Judie's Stained Glass Creations

Crow feathers, proudly hanging at Two Crow Cottage

I spy my pineapple and ukulele...
and everybody needs a little pocket mirror...