Monday, February 26, 2018

Let's Color together over Tea!

Here is some of the fantastic art work on postcards by Peggy Choate who has joined in this year's LIBERATE YOUR ART Postcard Swap hosted by The Kat Eye View of the World.  You can see more of Peggy's work on her decked out envie on the Kat Eye link.

If you want to color along with the talented chics of the Arty Tea Party Guild and Peggy, check out her new coloring book on Amazon!  Coloring is definitely a great stress-buster, soothing and good for the soul!  GREAT JOB, PEGGY!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Ice Age

The talented chics of the Arty Tea Party Guild are busy indoors, avoiding the very dangerous ice that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us!

Our last Arty Tea Party hosted by Nina of Happy Herbs Soap, was a day of Show and Tell.  Kitty brought some wonderful new crochet patterns, as did Andrea.  No, I did not think to take photos, but I wish I had.  Judie is playing around in her glass studio, and moi, well, too many unfinished projects to talk about.  But, here's one to share...still in progress...HAWAII!

This lovely peace sign, was created by none other than our Lovely Rosebud Sandar, with the help of her son, Jerry! 

We are THINKING SPRING here in the Northeast, and know that we do have a loong way to go! 

EZ does it out there!  Next Arty Tea Party will be at the lovely home of Andrea...and I can hardly wait!  I will definitely take some project photos to share!  

Thanks for stopping by...